Do I need a rabbit savy vet?

I do believe that having a rabbit savy vet is of utmost importance. The veterinarian you choose should have specific knowledge about rabbits.  Rabbits are considered "exotic" pets and their care is different.  Please be sure to see someone who cares for rabbits as companion pets and not as breeders or "stock" animals. Your vet should be specifically trained in rabbit medicine as some medicines can be fatal. When I started to search for a vet, I contacted a local rabbit rescue organization.  They were a huge help and provided me with several names, one of those being the one I chose.  If you are having trouble, check out the House Rabbit Society page for ideas and check local rescues in your area. At a minimum, your rabbit should visit  the vet once a year for a check up. They will have their eyes, ears, teeth, gut and weight measured to ensure they are healthy. There are no vaccines required at this time in the US, but other countries may require and they can be given at that time.

Please note: I am not a vet or rabbit expert.  Always do your own research and consult a vet with any questions you may have.

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