What is the best piece of advice you would give to a new rabbit parent?


We asked some of our Instagram and Facebook followers to give us some of the best advice to give to a new rabbit parent.  Here are the responses we received.  We have some extremely knowledgeable rabbit parents!

-Please keep them indoors only, they love to be a part of the family and safe inside from predators and bad weather.

-Get down on the floor and get to know your rabbit. Playing with them on their level makes them comfortable. Let them see you, smell you, chin you, and lick you. That’s how you’ll get to know each other, they will let you know when they want attention.

-Keep baby gas relief drops and critical care on hand. Just in case your bunny suddenly stops eating. You can act fast, in case the vet’s office is closed.

-Patience and showing lots of love.

-Pet stores are the worst place for rabbit care, always consult the House Rabbit Society.

-Bunnies are timid creatures, but the way to anything’s heart is food and time.

-Make sure you understand what your baby needs in their diet. It takes some time to learn what they can and can’t have and in what quantity. Never take the pet store’s staff’s word for what is good for your bunny to eat and what is not. Do some research!

-Learn your rabbit behavior and read online so that you know when there is a discrepancy.

-Less treats, more hay.

-Get advice from vets, rabbit owners, rabbit groups (Facebook, Instagram, rabbit societies and clubs) and good websites. RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH. If too lazy to do all of this, then too lazy to have a bunny.

-Be prepared to invest a lot of time and money into your new bun. They are a 24-7 pet and love being cage free.

-Bunny proof lots and be prepared to bunny proof more.

-Neuter your bunny.

-Don’t keep them in a cage, they need a pen and plenty of time outside of it to play and be bunnies.

- Get educated! Spay and neuter. Give them lots of space. Get a great vet. Get to know rescues that can help.

-Learn a rabbit’s diet. Don’t feed them only pellets. Give them unlimited hay and water. Love them and they’ll love you back.

-Do your research before bringing a bunny home. Knowing their diet, space, and social needs first will allow for a great experience from the beginning. Bunny will thank you.

-If your rabbit suddenly won’t eat and isn’t pooping, get them to the vet ASAP!

-Buy a product to cover electrical cords, then you can start free-roaming your rabbit, and their personality really starts to shine!


DISCLAIMER: Please note, I am not a vet or rabbit expert. Always do your own research and consult a vet with any questions you may have.



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